TED talks about the brain

years ago I watched some TED talks about nature and architecture and how we can learn from the techniques of evolution for the building environment. Besides that I am also very interested in human behavior and the human brain. Most of the following TED talks about the brain I have watched several times to better understand myself and other people. If you are interested to take your time and check this out, see link below.

TED talks
TED talks about the brain

Check this out: https://www.ted.com/topics/brain

In 2016 a Dutch show “kijken in de ziel: wetenschappers” was on television. Very interesting to watch and learn about researchers and their important work. Especially to hear professor Jeroen Geurts talk about his passion the brain and the hard disk of a human. More info: Kijken in de ziel: wetenschappers.

professor Jeroen Geurts bij Kijken in de Ziel

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